How many therapists does it take to help a child achieve their goals?
One, but the therapist has to be really good!!!

KidAbilities’ therapists strive for excellence regardless of whether they are PT’s OT’s or ST’s! The Director and the OT, PT, and ST clinical managers have a collective experience of over 100 years of practice with children.  Our senior staff boasts of advanced certifications in essential clinical practice areas, publications in peer reviewed journals and acknowledgement amongst professional peers as master clinicians.

Junior staff provides the cutting edge knowledge of current teachings, enthusiasm and energy which keeps everyone motivated. Combined with the experience and mentoring provided by the senior staff, treatment at KidAbilities works!

KidAbilities therapists maintain professional credentials in accordance with the appropriate New York State licensing bodies of their respective professions.  Commitment to excellence is part of our therapists’ professionalism and therefore all staff attends continuing education sessions to maintain an up to date body of knowledge. KidAbilities also provides continuing education workshops to the greater tri-state areas community of therapists.


Learn more about therapists in each discipline: occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists.