Parent Info

If you suspect that your child has a problem that requires the intervention of an occupational therapist, physical therapist or speech therapist you may access services in a number of ways depending on the age of your child and the needs and preferences of your family.

Since KidAbilities is an approved provider of both Early Intervention and preschool school special education (related services, CPSE), if your child meets age and eligibility criteria for those programs, you may receive those services at KidAbilities.  If your child is not eligible for these services through Early Intervention or CPSE but as his/her parent you feel that your child is in need of service your child may receive treatment at KidAbilities as a private client.  The need for service is then determined by an evaluation.  If your child is receiving services at home or at preschool through the EI or CPSE system and you would like to supplement the services they are receiving, you may do so on a private basis.  However, KidAbilities can not see a child both privately and through EI or CPSE.  School age children may be seen privately and on occasion children are seen at KidAbilities at the request of their school district.  If your child receives therapy services at school for educationally related problems and you feel that there are other issues which should be addressed or you would like to supplement the services provided by your child’s school, you may do so on a private basis.

An evaluation and conference must precede the initiation of therapy.  Evaluation sessions last approximately 1-1/2 to 4 hours and are usually scheduled on two days.  If a child is unable to tolerate this schedule of assessment a more flexible schedule may be worked out based on the discretion of the evaluator.  A forty five minute parent conference, which is included in the evaluation fee, will be scheduled after the completion of a KidAbilities evaluation.  A written report will be presented at that time. A recent appropriate evaluation from another facility/ therapist may be acceptable for initiation of therapy, provided that the evaluation was done by a qualified therapist, a copy of the written report is available and a program of treatment may be planned from the report.

All children must have a referral from an M.D. in order to receive speech, occupational or physical therapy.  Regardless of the system a child is being seen under (private patients, those seeking insurance reimbursement, those seen through CPSE or CSE, early intervention, etc.) all must have an M.D. referral.  This is the law in New York State.  A physician’s report including a recommendation for therapy, a letter of referral, or a prescription is acceptable.  A diagnosis is required by most insurance companies, (ICD-9 or DSM III codes) and can only be given by the M.D. (pediatrician, neurologist, etc.) involved in your child’s care.  We will be happy to work with the M.D. regarding the most appropriate diagnosis.

An M.D. prescription is required prior to initiation of treatment and should be renewed annually.

Termination of Treatment
Children “graduate” from therapy when they have received the maximum benefit from treatment or have reached the desired functional level.  This will be determined by the KidAbilities therapist, in conjunction with the client, parent, physician and/or teachers.  KidAbilities therapists’ take pride in the number of children who “graduate”.

The confidentiality of all clients’ records will be protected, from the moment of the initial intake call until discharge.  Please refer to our privacy policies, available though the administrative office, for specific details.  Services will be provided without discrimination as to race, creed, sex or national origin.

KidAbilities therapists’ will maintain professional credentials in accordance with the appropriate New York State licensing bodies of their respective professions.  Commitment to excellence is part of our therapists’ professionalism and therefore all staff attends continuing education sessions to maintain an up to date body of knowledge.

Student Training
KidAbilities is proud to be a training center for graduate occupational therapy programs.  We have relationships with Columbia University, Mercy College, Seton Hall University, University of Buffalo, Tufts and New York University among others.  KidAbilities is committed to training high level professionals in pediatric occupational therapy.  Therefore, professional level students may be present in the therapy rooms during your child’s sessions.