Occupational, Physical, Speech/Language Evaluations:


In order to best serve your child, a private evaluation (PT, OT, ST), intake (ST), or assessment (PT) must be completed to determine the need for and direct the course of therapy.  A recent evaluation from another facility completed by a qualified therapist may provide the appropriate information to initiate services. 


  • Private evaluations are the most comprehensive and last between 1.5-4 hours; they are typically completed over two days. A 45 minute parent conference will be scheduled after the completion of the evaluation at which time the written report will be presented and findings will be discussed. 

  • A general physical therapy assessment address muscle tone, strength and mobility, as well as a functional assessment of mobility and gross motor skills. Following the assessment, the family is provided a brief write-up and parent conference to discuss evaluation findings and recommendations. Formal testing and scoring are not included in a PT assessment, but are in a private evaluation. 

  • KidAbilities participates in certain insurance plans as a speech therapy provider. These companies cover speech-language "intakes" which allow the therapist to determine the eligibility for speech therapy through insurance and guide treatment plans. An intake is not as extensive as the private evaluation and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

  • All intakes and evaluations include a combination of norm and criterion referenced tests to understand your child's strengths and opportunities for growth.